Just breathe

My kids test my patience every single day. It is relentless and it never stops. They always want to test what they can get away with. And it drives me absolutely crazy. I am not the most patient of people, that I will admit. My husband has a lot more patience than I do. Which is strange to me because I thought for sure that I would be the more patient parent.

There are some days where I have to step out of the room, go into my bedroom and lock the door and just breathe. Because if I don’t step away sometimes, I’m afraid I will just lose my mind. So sometimes I sit there in my room with the door locked with my kids knocking on the door yelling for me to open it, while I’m holding a pillow to my face and screaming into it.

When you have kids, you lose all privacy. I cannot remember the last time I took a shower or use the bathroom without an audience. And when I’m using the bathroom, if I lock the door, they will sit there knocking on it wanting me to open it. Then they will stick their hands underneath the door asking if I can see their hands. “Yes I can see your hands. Now leave mommy alone.”

Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids. They are the best thing that has happened to me and their dad. But sometimes, I wish I could just go to the bathroom by myself. Just once or maybe twice. That would be nice.

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