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Father’s Day

So yesterday was Father’s Day. And for me it was a special one because my husband and I are back together and it I feel like our relationship is stronger than ever. We’ve been together almost 17 years and I feel like right now is the best Our relationship has ever been. We have gone through so many crazy ups and downs. We have weathered so many storms that to some, they wouldn’t have been able to survive. But we did.

His day started with being woken up by myself and our two daughters two cards and gifts. Then he was able to enjoy a biscuits and gravy breakfast, which is his favorite. Then we hung out at the house for a little while and let the kids play while we got the house cleaned up and ourselves cleaned up. Then we went to Bass Pro, where he was able to get a few gifts as well as our fishing licenses. Then we took him to a very nice dinner at Longhorn steakhouse. Where he had steak and lobster and I had prime rib.

Then we came home and let the girls play outside with their friends while he and I relaxed and watched one of our favorite TV shows, Ridiculousness. At the end of the night while he and I were laying in bed he said to me, “do you know what we didn’t do today?” I said what? He said, “we didn’t fight once.” For us, that is huge. Because we used to bicker and fight every day.

So all in all it was a great day. And my husband said it was one of the best Father’s Day he’s had. I took a couple of pictures from the day. Not too many because I try not to have my phone out while I’m spending time with my family.

Sofia wanted to photobomb her sister.

Sloane wanted to take a picture with the mannequin while holding its hand.

Daddy’s new wedding ring. Now he doesn’t have to constantly take his ring off when he’s boxing.

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