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I want people to know that not everything you see on Facebook is real. People who present themselves as having the perfect life, the perfect marriage, the perfect children… just know, that they probably don’t.

So don’t go comparing yourself to others. Especially based on what you see on social media because people want to portray what they want others to see.

People aren’t going to go on Facebook or Twitter or Snapchat or any other social media platforms and show you how bad their life is. How they are fighting with their spouse, having a hard time with their children, or on the verge of divorce, or maybe they’re depressed and don’t like themselves. But they aren’t going to show that. Because they want to put up a front that they are happy and that life is perfect. Because no one wants others to see their faults. They want to people to think that they have the perfect life. They want to seem like they are better than others when really they’re not.

And I’ll admit when I used to be on social media, as I am no longer on any social media platform, I was exactly like that. I wanted people to think I had this amazing life and that I was this amazing mom. When in truth I make mistakes just like everybody else. I’m not a perfect mom, I’m not a perfect wife, I’m not even a perfect friend. I have my faults just like everyone else. And I am learning to be OK with that.

So you won’t see me on this blog portraying myself as anything other than what I really am, a flawed human being. I’m gonna show you the real me. And I am slowly learning to be OK with who I am.

Self love and acceptance are hard. And I’ll be the first one tell you that. Because I’m still learning it myself.

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