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She’s Country

Howdy y’all!

My friends here in Arkansas get a kick out of me. They think I am the strangest person from California. Because I’m so country. I’m from Northern California and apparently to my friends, there aren’t a lot of country folks in Northern California.

My friends crack up because literally my favorite color is camo. I know it’s not a color obviously. But I own a lot of camo stuff. Boots, shirts, jackets, purses, everything. And my house Decour is country. We have a lot of deer pictures and barn type stuff. And we are currently looking for a new recliner. We are hoping to buy a camo recliner from our favorite store Bass Pro.

I love to fish and I would love to learn how to hunt. And I think that living in Arkansas is the perfect opportunity for me to learn to hunt. One of my favorite shows was Duck Dynasty even if parts of it were fake in a little bit cheesy. And I love to watch hunting videos on YouTube.

One of my favorite genres of music is country. But as you know from previous post I’m also a metal girl. Which to some people that’s a weird combination. To me it’s not.

I was born and raised in Northern California. Sacramento to be exact. But I never felt like that was home. I always felt I was born in the wrong state. And since moving to Northwest Arkansas, I know that I was. Because it feels more like home here than it ever did in California for me.

What feels like home to you?

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