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Break Down

So I had a break down Saturday morning. I had planned a nice day for my family before the storms rolled in. We were gonna go for a nice drive to Hobbs State Park and stop at the visitors center which has a little area to look at animals and learn about nature. Then go for a nice hike.

But then my oldest had to start in. She’s 9 going on 19. So her and I don’t always see eye to eye. She has a knack for not listening and talking back. And well…she pushed me to my limit Saturday.

I went in my room, locked the door and cried. And I mean cried. Like that real hard ugly face cry where you have tears streaming down your face and your nose is running all over the place. It was not a pretty site. I definitely didn’t want my husband seeing me like that.

But in the end, she and I talked and I explained things to her. I’m her parent. And what I say goes. And the same with her dad.

Sometimes in motherhood, you just need to step away and cry it out. Don’t be ashamed of that. Being a parent is hard. It doesn’t mean you love your kids any less. You just need a moment for yourself.

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