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Role Models

With the way the world has become, there aren’t many people that you would be ok with your child idolizing. There aren’t many role models that I’m ok with anymore.

I don’t want my kids idolizing people like The Kardashians, most celebrities, or anyone on reality TV. Where are the wholesome respectable role models?

Growing up, my role model was Princess Diana. What an amazing woman. Kind, caring, and so beautiful. Her love of others was contagious. She was everything I wanted to be when I was older. Not a Princess. Just a kind person.

But who will my children idolize? Who will they look up to?

After reading about them and watching them grow up, become husbands and wives. Then become mom’s and dad’s, I think that Prince William, Duchess Kate, Prince Harry and Duchess Megan make great role models. Not because they are royalty, but because they are great people. They are kind, like Princess Diana. They are loving, and you see them out there doing anything that will tarnish the royal name.

I want my children to idolize good people. Not people who became famous for a leaked sex tape. Or because they live crazy lives in the public eye.

Times are changing. We need to spotlight the people doing good. And stop giving these train wrecks a platform.

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