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Butcher Box

My husband’s best friend was telling him about this awesome monthly subscription Box that he gets called Butcher Box. When you sign up to receive the box, you can get either an all beef box, a beef and chicken box, or you can get a combination of beef, chicken and pork.

We chose the combination box. It costs $129 a month. You receive one box a month. If that is too often you can push out how long until you receive your next box. With our box there was a deal going on that if we signed up we get a pack of bacon with every box. And who doesn’t love free bacon?

These boxes are awesome because all of the meat is organic, grass fed, and free range. So the quality is way better than the meat we buy at Walmart. The boxes are packed so there is no leaking and they have a lot of dry ice so the meat stays ice cold. The amount of dry ice depends on the distance you are away from them.

Here is how the box comes.

The dry ice is in bags so you don’t hurt yourself getting it out.

Here is all the meat we received.

We received:

– 2 New York strip steaks, 10oz each

– 3 lbs of chicken breast

– 2.5 lb Roast

– 6 5.33oz hamburger patties

– 2 lbs of Pork Chops

– Our free package of bacon

I’m excited to try the meat out. My husbands friend said it is excellent quality. So if you are interested in trying Butcher Box, click the link below.

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