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Falling back in love

Do you think it’s possible after having a tumultuous relationship, that you can fall back in love with your spouse?

My answer, absolutely. And how do I know this? Because it’s happening to me. My husband and I separated in February and were on the verge of divorce. I’m not going to get into the full details of it yet. But it got to the point in our relationship where I didn’t feel any love at all. And he felt the same way. We were like two roommates raising two kids together. There was no I love you, no hugs, no kisses, no romance, nothing. It got to the point where I didn’t think he loved me anymore. I didn’t even think he liked me anymore. And we had become so resentful of one another.

Once I told him I wanted to divorce, things begin to change. It was as if the lights went off for him. He slowly started to become the man I had longed for in the 17 years that we’ve been together. But I’ll admit that for the first two months of our separation, the light didn’t go off for me. Because I didn’t want it to. I was still holding onto so much anger and hurt that I just wanted it to be over. I was telling myself that I wasn’t in love with him anymore and that we just needed to go our separate ways.

Then one day at the end of April after having a wonderful Mother’s Day and actually having fun with him and our children together, I slowly begin to see him in another light. He had told me that our separation had opened his eyes. He had been purposely hurting me because he had been hurt. It was a never ending circle. But by almost losing everything, it makes you realize what you have.

I slowly began to let my feelings for him resurface again. And bit by bit I slowly began to fall in love with him again. So now here we are in July and I can absolutely say that I am in love with my husband again. Our relationship is completely different than it ever has been in our 17 years together. And I can honestly say that I am happier than I ever have been. And now when people ask him how he and I are doing, I hear him tell them that we are doing wonderfully and that our relationship is better than ever. We hug and kiss everyday. We laugh together and hold hands. And we never leave each other without saying I love you.

So yes, it is possible to fall in love with your husband or wife all over again. Because I’m speaking from experience.

1 thought on “Falling back in love”

  1. I just read this. I’m so glad you both are in a better place now in your relationship and marriage. It’s great to hear that and that things are going wonderfully. Steve finally realized that he could’ve lost everything. It was a total wake up call. Best wishes that your marriage stays strong, connected and emotionally fulfilling for many more years to come!

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