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Put down your phone

I never realized how much life I was missing by being on social media. It became an obsession. I had to check who was commenting on or likening my pictures. I had to post a new selfie each day. I had to read and see how great everyone’s lives were compared to mine.

So I was always sitting there with my head in my phone. If someone wanted to talk to me, I would pretend to listen while I scanned my social media. I lost out on watching so much of what my kids were doing because my nose was always in my phone.

Social media has made this world more narcissistic. And it’s dumbing us down as a society. Where people once read the newspaper to get their news , now just skim for it on Twitter. I, myself made the decision to leave all social media behind. I was tired of feeling like I was tied to my phone all the time. And before you say anything, yes I do have this blog. However, the blog post that I post, are written when my children are not around. I either write them after they’ve gone to bed, or early in the morning when I’m waiting to go into work. Or even on my lunch break. I try to leave my phone down as much as possible when I’m with my kids.

I never paid much attention to it until I got rid of my social media. Now I watch all these parents with their noses in their phone and not paying one bit of attention to their children. And I don’t ever want to be like that again. Your kids are only little once, enjoy them.

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