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Toy Organization

My kids room is hard to keep organized. It was even hard just a month ago because they shared a queen sized bed in their room. That bed took up most of the space in their room. Thankfully we have switched them to a bunk bed. The funny thing is, they still want to sleep together so they sleep on the top bunk together.

So I have been trying to organize their room. They have their own little plastic 3 drawer dressers. Their stuffed animals are in a wooden toy box. However they have so many stuffed animals, they don’t all fit in it. Then they have smaller little baskets for their smaller toys and stuff.

So I remember something that I had as a kid in my room that really helped hold my stuffed animals and keep them off the floor when I wasn’t cuddling them. And that is a stuffed animal hammock. So i am placing my order to get two of those bad boys. I can’t take my kids room being overtaken by stuffed animals.

So if you want to organize your kids room and keep their toys off the floor, this is the item for you. Click the picture below.

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