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Yelp Elite

If you are familiar with Yelp than you understand the title. If not, let me explain. I love to Yelp. I love praising places that provide excellent customer service, excellent food, or excellent products. But I also like that I can let people know when a company is just plain bad.

I don’t do it to be rude. But if service is bad, food is horrible, or the staff is plain rude, I like letting my fellow consumers know. I don’t give bad reviews often. Only when it’s really bad. I try to see the positive in everything.

I give honest reviews. And now, because I’ve give quite a few honest reviews, I’ve earned the title of Yelp Elite. I have wanted to be a Yelp Elite for some time now. So I’m very excited.

I love trying new places throughout Northwest Arkansas. And now with being an Elite, I’ll get to go to special functions and openings just for Yelp Elite. I’m excited.

So tell me, do you Yelp?

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