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Chris Young Concert

Last night was such a blast. I was able to get free tickets to see Chris Young at the Walmart Amp. So I brought my friend Janeth and we had a blast. This was both our first time seeing a show at the Amp.

The showed opened with Jimmie Allen. Who was incredible. Jimmie Allen at one point, even ran down the aisle in the crowd and was giving everyone high fives. He ran by me and gave me a high five. I was beyond happy.

He sang Best Shot from his Mercury Lane album. It was fantastic. That’s one of my favorite songs. Jimmie puts on an amazing show. He talked lovingly about his grandma who passed away a few years ago. He wearS her scarf on his belt loop. He also gave a shout out to Veterans and teachers. So much respect for Jimmie Allen. He put on a really great show.

Next was Chris Jansen. I never realized how skinny he is. He said he’s a 135 lb redneck. LOL!!!

He has a lot of energy and was a lot of fun. He even played the drums.

He sang Buy Me a Boat, Redneck Life, and White Trash. It was awesome. So much fun.

Then finally it was Chris Young time. It was a good show. I’ll be honest, I feel Jimmie Allen put on the best show out of all of them. Chris was good. I like his songs. But Jimmie has the most energy. And he got out in the crowd which was awesome.

Chris played a lot of songs I love. Like Raised on Country, I’m coming over, Losing Sleep, and Think of You.

Janeth and I had a great night. It was supposed to be super hot in the 90’s with extreme humidity. But the night cooled down and was breezy. It felt fantastic.

And being the great friends we are. We more matching shirts. Mine said Arkansas and hers said California. We are both from California.

So thank you Vet Tix. We had a blast!!!

If you are a Veteran and you’d like to use Vet Tix, follow the link below.

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