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The Ranch

Do you have Netflix? Are you looking for an amazing show to get into? Well look no further because I have a suggestion….

The Ranch.

No I don’t watch a lot of TV anymore. But I do watch The Ranch. It is probably one of the best damn shows I’ve seen in a long time. I haven’t had a show make me laugh so much in a long time. Mainly because most of the TV shows that come out now are just crap.

The ranch is a show about a family of ranchers in Colorado. They are probably the closest you will see to an American family on TV. They have all the same kind of problems that we actually have in real life. They all cuss like sailors. I haven’t heard the F word spoken this much on a tv show before. They love Country Music. And they sure love their beer. They are my kinda people.

The show has humor, drama, and some political jokes that will actually make you laugh. Plus it has Ashton Kutcher and Sam Elliot. Two amazing actors and they are funny as hell.

So make sure if you are looking for something to watch, you check out The Ranch on Netflix. You won’t be disappointed.

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