So I received this product free to review. And I’m going to be honest with my review. I had my oldest daughter, she’s 9, try it. She hated it. She spit it out. I thought it was just because she’s picky. So I had my youngest, she’s 5, try it. She eats anything. Not picky at all. And she didn’t like it at all. She said it tasted bad and made her gag. So unfortunately, we will not be sharing this product with others.

I myself gave it a try before throwing it out, and even I as an adult did not like it. So sadly, we threw this out. If it came in a gummy, that probably would have been better.

*I received this product free for my review.*

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BIC Gel-Ocity Review

I received the BIC Gel-Ocity gel pens for free for my review.

After trying them out, I’d have to say….I like them. And I’m pretty particular about the pens I use. At work, I have certain ones and certain kinds that I pick over others. And these pens will definitely be included in my stash.

The ink glides smoothly and evenly. I even let my kids try them out and they loved them. You can also get them in many other colors than just the black, red, and blue I was given to try.

I’ll definitely head out to get more of these. If you want to give them a try, follow the link below.

I received a free product for the purpose of my review. Opinions are 100% my own.

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Yelp Elite

If you are familiar with Yelp than you understand the title. If not, let me explain. I love to Yelp. I love praising places that provide excellent customer service, excellent food, or excellent products. But I also like that I can let people know when a company is just plain bad.

I don’t do it to be rude. But if service is bad, food is horrible, or the staff is plain rude, I like letting my fellow consumers know. I don’t give bad reviews often. Only when it’s really bad. I try to see the positive in everything.

I give honest reviews. And now, because I’ve give quite a few honest reviews, I’ve earned the title of Yelp Elite. I have wanted to be a Yelp Elite for some time now. So I’m very excited.

I love trying new places throughout Northwest Arkansas. And now with being an Elite, I’ll get to go to special functions and openings just for Yelp Elite. I’m excited.

So tell me, do you Yelp?