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Arkansas Childrens Hospital

My daughter had her first appointment with urology at ACH yesterday. What a beautiful hospital. It is adorable. The design makes you smile. Not cringe knowing you’re in a hospital.

So at 3 months of age, we found out my oldest daughter has Vesicoureteral Reflux. This was found when she spiked an almost 104 fever that would not subside even with Tylenol. She started treatment with prophylactic antibiotics everyday. This lasted for 3 years. She had a VCUG test done once a year to see if she has outgrown it. A VCUG is when they stick a catheter in her bladder, fill and empty her bladder multiple times while taking x-rays of her. This shows them if urine is pushing back into the kidneys. This test was horrendous on her. My husband would stay with her in the room during it. I was not allowed to since I was still in my child bearing years. She would scream so loud. It was horrifying.

In 2012 she had her last VCUG. We moved away from that area and every pediatrician we went to since, didn’t feel it was necessary to have her rechecked. Not until I started working for a pediatrician and they finally listened. They referred her to Arkansas Children’s Hospital Urology Department.

We had her appointment yesterday. They did a rental ultrasound and found that her right kidney has hydronophorosis stage one. Which we already knew. Then we found out she has an anomaly. She has a duplex right kidney. Which is the kidney that has issues. Here is what that means:

Having this isn’t dangerous. It just makes more sense why she has VUR.

I thought the urologist was going to want to do surgery on her. But luckily, she wants to keep monitoring her. As long as she doesn’t have any UTI’s we are good till next year.

I’m just glad we were able to follow up on this. And that finally a doctor listened to my concerns. I finally feel relieved.

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I’m home with strep. I was feeling so sick yesterday that I couldn’t take it any longer. My throat was on fire, I could barely eat. I had a fever. And my head was pounding. So I went to the VA.

After being there about 3 hours, a strep test, chest x-ray, shot in my butt, and 3 medications later I was sent home. And man, last night was rough. I felt worse. You know I feel bad if I call into work. Because I never call into work.

So now I’m sitting here feeling like crap, still in my pajamas, watching Metallica: World Magnetic Tour. I could watch these guys all day. There is no other like Metallica. Maybe one day my husband and I might be able to afford to go to one of their shows.

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Blur Imperfections

I wanted to find something for my face that wasn’t as heavy as foundation. I wanted light coverage because I don’t want to have to wear full makeup every day to work.

So I tried Avon Magix Tint, tinted moisturizer. Let me tell you, this stuff feels great. It covers just enough and doesn’t feel heavy. It’s perfect on those 90% humidity days here.

I even wore it to the rodeo where I was dripping sweat from the heat. And it lasted and looked great. Here have a look:

If you want sheer coverage that lasts, get it here: Magix Tint

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July BoxyCharm

I received my July BoxyCharm today. And talk about being excited. This one is awesome.

For those that don’t know, BoxyCharm is a monthly subscription box of make up and facial products. It’s $21 a month and you get 5 full size products. And it’s fantastic. They have awesome brands in their boxes.

So let’s take a look at what I got:

First are these Ko Gen Do Spa cleansing water cloths. This retails for $17. It’s like they were reading my mind because just last night I was saying to myself that I hope my BoxyCharm come with face wipes cause I’m about out. These remove waterproof makeup and cleanse your face with mineral spa water.

Second, I received the Elemis superfood vital veggie mask. This retails for $35. It’s a green goodness mask. Nourishes, smoothed, and brightens your skin.

Next are these Luxie Gaea 3 piece brush set. Retails for $30. It includes a Foundation Brush, Large Eye Blending Brian, and Precision Crease Brush. These brushes feel incredibly soft.

Ofra Liquid Lip in the shade Santorini. Retails for $20. Beautiful color. I can’t wait to try it.

Lastly and definitely my favorite is this Butter London Natural Goddess Eyeshadow Palette. This retails for $32. The colors are beautiful and so pigmented. And they feel so creamy. I’m am so excited about this palette.

So the total worth of this box was: $134. And I received it for $21. This box is so worth it. I absolutely love it.

If you want to give BoxyCharm a try, follow the link below:

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So sad

I live in Northwest Arkansas. It is listed as one of the 25 safest places to raise a family and one of the top 15 school districts in the US. So when some thing like a murder-suicide happen, it absolutely rocks this small community because you never hear about that.

Last Friday, in the small town of Gravette, which is just a town over from us, a father/husband held his two sons and wife hostage. He then killed them and himself before police arrived on scene.

The father Justin Barnes took the lives of his wife Inga and two sons Levi and Casey before turning the gun on himself.

I haven’t read about a motive yet but there has been talk that Inga had filed for divorce.

They have a daughter who survived as she wasn’t home during this time. And now she is left to morn the loss of her immediate family.

This is incredibly heart wrenching. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Sumer Barnes as she tries to deal with the loss of her family.

A Go-Fund me has been set up to help Sumer cover the expenses associated with this tragic loss. I’ll link it below.