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Pura Vida

I received my first monthly Jewelry Box from Pura Vida today. I am so impressed.

The box it came in is beautiful. They way it was put together and wrapped up, it’s such high quality. You can tell this company cares a lot about the impression they make.

The box has a magnetic closure.

The papers inside are so cute. It looks like something you would get from California. (Which I am originally from California.)

They included this cute sticker.

Such attention to detail.

Wow, each piece of jewelry came in it’s own pouch.

It’s so beautiful. And it’s opal, my birthstone.

I love it.

They even sent me all these awesome stickers.

All in all, I am so pleased with this box. And this subscription. I love the California vibe of it. I can’t wait to see next months box.

If you would like to try Pura Vida, follow my link:

Use the code SHANNONZAPPETTINI20 to get 20% off.

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So after my breakdown, we decided to still go out. The drive was beautiful. We drove to Eureka Springs and then down to Hobbs State Park.

I still can’t get over the beauty of Northwest Arkansas. So green and lush. So beautiful. So we stopped at the visitor center and looked around.

Daddy was getting us gas.

There he is.

Trying out the rocking chairs in front of the visitor center.

Sporting California

Sloane checking out the snake

This giant bat even scared me.

Such a cute bear.

These trees remind me of the Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz, CA. Both trees were bent the same.

So even though our morning was absolutely horrible. The evening ended up much better.

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Father’s Day

So yesterday was Father’s Day. And for me it was a special one because my husband and I are back together and it I feel like our relationship is stronger than ever. We’ve been together almost 17 years and I feel like right now is the best Our relationship has ever been. We have gone through so many crazy ups and downs. We have weathered so many storms that to some, they wouldn’t have been able to survive. But we did.

His day started with being woken up by myself and our two daughters two cards and gifts. Then he was able to enjoy a biscuits and gravy breakfast, which is his favorite. Then we hung out at the house for a little while and let the kids play while we got the house cleaned up and ourselves cleaned up. Then we went to Bass Pro, where he was able to get a few gifts as well as our fishing licenses. Then we took him to a very nice dinner at Longhorn steakhouse. Where he had steak and lobster and I had prime rib.

Then we came home and let the girls play outside with their friends while he and I relaxed and watched one of our favorite TV shows, Ridiculousness. At the end of the night while he and I were laying in bed he said to me, “do you know what we didn’t do today?” I said what? He said, “we didn’t fight once.” For us, that is huge. Because we used to bicker and fight every day.

So all in all it was a great day. And my husband said it was one of the best Father’s Day he’s had. I took a couple of pictures from the day. Not too many because I try not to have my phone out while I’m spending time with my family.

Sofia wanted to photobomb her sister.

Sloane wanted to take a picture with the mannequin while holding its hand.

Daddy’s new wedding ring. Now he doesn’t have to constantly take his ring off when he’s boxing.

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Get outside

I decided to go for an evening walk. I love to plug in my music and turn the rest of the world off. And I love singing out loud. I don’t care who hears me. I listen to everything from Adele, The Dixie Chicks, Soundgarden, Metallica to Country Music. I love all music. Well, except Rap. That’s not music.

But what a beautiful night. I can get over the beauty here. I walked a little over 2.5 miles today. This was my view:

Get outside. Beauty is everywhere. It’s all around us.


Leap of Faith

So we live in Northwest Arkansas by way of Northern California. We just celebrated our third year here in Arkansas. And I do have to say that this was the best thing we could’ve ever done for our family.

Where we lived in California was OK. We were in Northern California, Sacramento to be exact. In my opinion, they didn’t have the best for our kids. I didn’t care for the schools, and the violence was getting worse. Now I grew up in Sacramento, born and raised. And it was wonderful for me growing up in the 80s and 90s. But in my opinion it’s just gotten better over there.

I knew that I didn’t want to raise my children in California. I never liked living in California. I never felt like it was home. And so we started looking at other states that we could possibly move to to raise our kids. We looked at Texas, South Carolina, Oregon, and Arkansas. And I have a girlfriend that lives here. She also moved here from Northern California. She told me how great it was, how amazing the school system is, how affordable housing is and so we decided that Arkansas would be where we would live.

We moved here without ever visiting. We saved up our money and I quit my job and we packed everything up and moved. We didn’t have jobs here nothing. We just hoped that things would work out when we got here. And they did. I got a job within two weeks of being here. We rented a house for about eight months and then we bought our very first home.

We had always wanted to be homeowners but living in Sacramento there were no homes that we could afford. We are a single income family as my husband is a stay at home dad with our children. Because in California childcare costs about as much as a mortgage and we didn’t want him to work just to pay child care. Because then we would be paying somebody to raise our kids when he could stay home and raise them.

So when we moved here and I started working we realize that we can afford a nice home here. And that’s exactly what we did. We got a beautiful three bedroom two bath house with a huge yard in a really great and safe neighborhood. And we got it for under $150,000.

We absolutely love the school that my oldest goes to. And now our youngest will be starting kindergarten there this year. And we have just really found our forever home. We absolutely love Arkansas.

Taking risks like what we did is really hard and really scary. I remember the whole drive from California to Arkansas I was so scared. I kept telling myself, what if we hate Arkansas? Lucky for us we loved it the moment we got here. And no matter how scary it was, I am so glad that we took that risk.