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Arkansas Childrens Hospital

My daughter had her first appointment with urology at ACH yesterday. What a beautiful hospital. It is adorable. The design makes you smile. Not cringe knowing you’re in a hospital.

So at 3 months of age, we found out my oldest daughter has Vesicoureteral Reflux. This was found when she spiked an almost 104 fever that would not subside even with Tylenol. She started treatment with prophylactic antibiotics everyday. This lasted for 3 years. She had a VCUG test done once a year to see if she has outgrown it. A VCUG is when they stick a catheter in her bladder, fill and empty her bladder multiple times while taking x-rays of her. This shows them if urine is pushing back into the kidneys. This test was horrendous on her. My husband would stay with her in the room during it. I was not allowed to since I was still in my child bearing years. She would scream so loud. It was horrifying.

In 2012 she had her last VCUG. We moved away from that area and every pediatrician we went to since, didn’t feel it was necessary to have her rechecked. Not until I started working for a pediatrician and they finally listened. They referred her to Arkansas Children’s Hospital Urology Department.

We had her appointment yesterday. They did a rental ultrasound and found that her right kidney has hydronophorosis stage one. Which we already knew. Then we found out she has an anomaly. She has a duplex right kidney. Which is the kidney that has issues. Here is what that means:

Having this isn’t dangerous. It just makes more sense why she has VUR.

I thought the urologist was going to want to do surgery on her. But luckily, she wants to keep monitoring her. As long as she doesn’t have any UTI’s we are good till next year.

I’m just glad we were able to follow up on this. And that finally a doctor listened to my concerns. I finally feel relieved.

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My little warrior

I’ve loved the name Sloane for years. I knew that when I had kids of my own that I could name one of them Sloane. The name Sloane is Gaelic and means warrior. And it the way she was born almost 5 years ago. It was very fitting.

We are about to celebrate my youngest child’s 5th birthday on Monday. So I thought I’d share the story of her birth and why I’m more than thankful to celebrate her birthday every year.

Let’s start with my pregnancy. I was almost 7 weeks pregnant when I found out. I had been feeling quite yucky and noticed a pooch in my belly so I decided to take a test. It was Positive. So because my medical care is done with the VA, I had to get a blood test to have it confirmed so they would cover my maternity care.

Once my pregnancy was confirmed, I had to have the glucose test. I failed it. At 8 weeks of pregnancy I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I had to be on a special diet for my whole pregnancy and I had to inject insulin 4 times a day. It made my pregnancy in enjoyable.

That was pretty rough. However as my pregnancy progressed, my blood pressure kept rising. So they started keeping an eye on it. Once I got to about 36 weeks they said if I needed to be induced, it’d be ok. So at about almost 38 weeks, I went in for my check and my blood pressure was through the roof. They told us to go home, pack a bag and drop our daughter off. And be at the hospital in about an hour. So we did.

I was getting induced. They needed me to progress quickly because my blood pressure was in the stroke zone. I remember my head was pounding and I felt horrible. They gave me magnesium sulfate to prevent me having a seizure since I had pre-eclampsia. It was pretty terrible.

Now comes the scary part. Suddenly at around 3 am or so, I remember being woken up by alarms going off on her heart rate monitor. Her heart rate had dropped far below 100 bpm. The nurses and doctors were having me lay different ways and moving her to try to get her heart rate to rise again. During this time, my epidural had worn off. They decided to give me another one and it wouldn’t take. I was in extreme pain which made my blood pressure rise.

Suddenly, there was an hospital alarm going off. About 5 doctors and 10 plus nurses came running into my room. It was a code C. Emergency Cesarian. Sloane had prolapsed her umbilical cord. She had cut off her oxygen supply and was in distress. They started wheeling me in the OR when they were able to get her cord back in. They said they were going to prepare me for a normal birth and they got my husband in scrubs in case it went bad. Then suddenly the code C alarm rang again. She prolapsed her cord again. They had my husband leave the room and they prepared to put me under. They had mere seconds to deliver her.

My husband was out in the waiting room when suddenly a Chaplain came to speak with him. For a moment, he thought he lost us. But the Chaplain was only there to give support. Suddenly he’s realizing how serious this was all becoming.

Once our daughter was born, she was taken to the NICU to make sure she was ok. Luckily, they let daddy go with her. They had to do some extra work on me as I had lost a massive amount of blood.

Finally, hours later I wake up in recovery with my husband sitting next to me. They bring me my new daughter and let me tell you, she is so beautiful.

I’m so happy. And so sore. They literally had to rip me open to get her out. I had lost so much blood I was exhausted. So once I was transferred from recovery to my room, I was given two blood transfusions. Otherwise they said I would have had a hard time caring for my new baby because I would have been so exhausted from the loss of blood.

Once I was doing better, my doctor came and talked to me. She told me how lucky I was I got sent over to get induced. Because she said, had I gone into labor at home and she prolapsed her cord, she would have for sure died.

So having pre-eclampsia is absolutely horrible, but it may have been the very thing that saved my babies life.