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I’m a Libra. Libras have a special connection to music. And we really do. I really do. Music is my life. I’ve sang in choirs since I was a kid. I love all music. Well except Rap. I’m def not a rap lover.

Metal and Country music are my two favorites. I have loved both since I was a kid. But I will have to say that my number one favorite band that I love more than any other is Metallica. No one jams like Metallica. No one can down pick like Metallica. Metallica is the GOAT.

And speaking of Metallica, there is no other like James Hetfield. His voice is iconic. The way he down picks is amazing. How he can rock out one minute and sing an amazing ballad the next. He is the epitome of Metal!!!

Everything James stands for I’m down with. He hunts, I love it. He loves the outdoors. He left California because it was feeling elitist and he felt he was fighting everyday. That’s one of the reasons I left California.

So tomorrow on my way to work, you know what will be playing in my car…METALLICA!

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Motivation to Succeed

I’ve been on a weight loss journey since October 2018. I’m down 55 lbs and still losing. It take a lot of effort for me to stay on track. Some days I want to be lazy and eat everything I shouldn’t. But I can lose track of my goals. I want to lose at least another 10 before the end of August. My husbands 49th birthday is in August as well as a show I want to take him to. He wants to see Sevendust. He knows some of those guys personally.

I want to be able to go to that show and feel good about myself and have him feels proud to have me with him. Not that he doesn’t now. I just want to be at my best.

Put forth effort to succeed.

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I’m home with strep. I was feeling so sick yesterday that I couldn’t take it any longer. My throat was on fire, I could barely eat. I had a fever. And my head was pounding. So I went to the VA.

After being there about 3 hours, a strep test, chest x-ray, shot in my butt, and 3 medications later I was sent home. And man, last night was rough. I felt worse. You know I feel bad if I call into work. Because I never call into work.

So now I’m sitting here feeling like crap, still in my pajamas, watching Metallica: World Magnetic Tour. I could watch these guys all day. There is no other like Metallica. Maybe one day my husband and I might be able to afford to go to one of their shows.


Fuck Cancer

So I just read that Dave Mustaine is battling throat cancer. If you don’t know who Dave Mustaine is, then you must live under a rock. Dave Mustaine was one of the first members in Metallica, however in 1983 he was fired from Metallica for his drinking and drug use, which had gotten out of control. He then went on to form Megadeth. Megadeth is one of my favorite bands. He has one of the most unique voices in metal. I had the privilege to see Megadeth and Motörhead play together. And to this day that is one of the best shows I’ve ever been to.

If you know me you know music is my life. I am a huge fan of everything except rap. Literally everything but rap. Unless it’s old school rap like NWA. I am a huge country music fan since I was 16 and I’ve been a metal fan for years. My love for metal deepened when I met my husband almost 17 years ago. He played guitar for a metal band Mad By Design. He currently plays guitar for a thrash band. Music has always been a huge part of our life and relationship.

Even our kids have excellent taste in music. Our oldest daughter Sofia, loves the band KISS. When she was three she wanted to be Gene Simmons for Halloween. So of course being the awesome parents that we are, we made that happen.

My husband has this great ability to make friends. Whenever he goes to metal shows he somehow makes friends with all the guys in the band. He’s hung out with the guys from Tesla, Testament, Lamb of God, and so on. He even talked boxing with Phil Anselmo formally of Pantera.

So I am wishing Dave Mustaine a speedy recovery. This was his quote on his Facebook page, “I’ve been diagnosed with throat cancer. It’s clearly something to be respected and faced head on – but I’ve faced obstacles before. I’m working closely with my doctors, and we’ve mapped out a treatment plan which they feel has a 90% success rate…” You’ve got this Dave. Stay strong and fight hard. Fuck cancer!