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I’m a Libra. Libras have a special connection to music. And we really do. I really do. Music is my life. I’ve sang in choirs since I was a kid. I love all music. Well except Rap. I’m def not a rap lover.

Metal and Country music are my two favorites. I have loved both since I was a kid. But I will have to say that my number one favorite band that I love more than any other is Metallica. No one jams like Metallica. No one can down pick like Metallica. Metallica is the GOAT.

And speaking of Metallica, there is no other like James Hetfield. His voice is iconic. The way he down picks is amazing. How he can rock out one minute and sing an amazing ballad the next. He is the epitome of Metal!!!

Everything James stands for I’m down with. He hunts, I love it. He loves the outdoors. He left California because it was feeling elitist and he felt he was fighting everyday. That’s one of the reasons I left California.

So tomorrow on my way to work, you know what will be playing in my car…METALLICA!

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49 years young

On Sunday we celebrated my husbands 49th Birthday. I cannot believe he is almost 50. And I’m almost 40. Where has the time gone?

The day started with breakfast of pancakes and eggs. Then he opened his gifts. A record player and 3 records to get his collection going.

We then took him to lunch at The Crescent Hotel, which is the one of the most haunted hotels per the tv show, Ghost Hunters. We ate their award winning BBQ Chicken Pizza. It was amazing.

We explored Eureka Springs and ended the day at the Bavarian Inn, which is a German restaurant. We met his parents there for birthday dinner.

It was a great day. Probably one of the best birthdays in awhile. This has been a tough year for us. So I’m glad this birthday turned out great for him.

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Motivation to Succeed

I’ve been on a weight loss journey since October 2018. I’m down 55 lbs and still losing. It take a lot of effort for me to stay on track. Some days I want to be lazy and eat everything I shouldn’t. But I can lose track of my goals. I want to lose at least another 10 before the end of August. My husbands 49th birthday is in August as well as a show I want to take him to. He wants to see Sevendust. He knows some of those guys personally.

I want to be able to go to that show and feel good about myself and have him feels proud to have me with him. Not that he doesn’t now. I just want to be at my best.

Put forth effort to succeed.

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Chris Young Concert

Last night was such a blast. I was able to get free tickets to see Chris Young at the Walmart Amp. So I brought my friend Janeth and we had a blast. This was both our first time seeing a show at the Amp.

The showed opened with Jimmie Allen. Who was incredible. Jimmie Allen at one point, even ran down the aisle in the crowd and was giving everyone high fives. He ran by me and gave me a high five. I was beyond happy.

He sang Best Shot from his Mercury Lane album. It was fantastic. That’s one of my favorite songs. Jimmie puts on an amazing show. He talked lovingly about his grandma who passed away a few years ago. He wearS her scarf on his belt loop. He also gave a shout out to Veterans and teachers. So much respect for Jimmie Allen. He put on a really great show.

Next was Chris Jansen. I never realized how skinny he is. He said he’s a 135 lb redneck. LOL!!!

He has a lot of energy and was a lot of fun. He even played the drums.

He sang Buy Me a Boat, Redneck Life, and White Trash. It was awesome. So much fun.

Then finally it was Chris Young time. It was a good show. I’ll be honest, I feel Jimmie Allen put on the best show out of all of them. Chris was good. I like his songs. But Jimmie has the most energy. And he got out in the crowd which was awesome.

Chris played a lot of songs I love. Like Raised on Country, I’m coming over, Losing Sleep, and Think of You.

Janeth and I had a great night. It was supposed to be super hot in the 90’s with extreme humidity. But the night cooled down and was breezy. It felt fantastic.

And being the great friends we are. We more matching shirts. Mine said Arkansas and hers said California. We are both from California.

So thank you Vet Tix. We had a blast!!!

If you are a Veteran and you’d like to use Vet Tix, follow the link below.

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I’m home with strep. I was feeling so sick yesterday that I couldn’t take it any longer. My throat was on fire, I could barely eat. I had a fever. And my head was pounding. So I went to the VA.

After being there about 3 hours, a strep test, chest x-ray, shot in my butt, and 3 medications later I was sent home. And man, last night was rough. I felt worse. You know I feel bad if I call into work. Because I never call into work.

So now I’m sitting here feeling like crap, still in my pajamas, watching Metallica: World Magnetic Tour. I could watch these guys all day. There is no other like Metallica. Maybe one day my husband and I might be able to afford to go to one of their shows.

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Rodeo of the Ozarks

Today we went to the Rodeo of the Ozarks. This was our first time going. I’ve wanted to go every year we’ve been here in Northwest Arkansas. So finally after 3 years, here we are.

It was so much fun. We loved watching the barrel racing, the bucking horse riding, and the bull riding. We also had fun trying all the different food there. We had alligator on a stick, a corn dog, curly fries, fresh squeezed lemonade, a snow cone, and I had 2 bud lights. I also tried my very first funnel cake. It was surprisingly good.

All in all we had a blast. At the end they played some awesome country music and they shot off fireworks. It was great. Minus the fact that I was sweating like a whore in church on Sunday. It was hot as hell.