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Im not a perfect mom

I was talking to my coworkers today about being a mom. We were discussing how it’s hard to be on social media sometimes when our friends are posting about how amazing they are at motherhood. And we see how they’re posting things that make it seem like they’re the perfect mom. They do everything perfectly for their children, whether it’s at crafts, cooking, taking care of their home, being the perfect PTA mother, anything. And it’s hard for us to read that because it makes us start to doubt ourselves as a mom. I’m not good at crafting, I’m not on the PTA, I’m not the best cook, my husband actually cooks better than I do. And I sometimes have to yell at my children. So does that make me a bad mom? Absolutely not.

Everyone is different, there is no perfect mom out there. Everyone makes mistakes. And all you can do is raise your children to the best of your ability and love on them as much as possible. We were talking about how sometimes we forget that not everything has to be perfect. The house doesn’t always need to be spotless, dinner doesn’t have to be ready at the exact same time every single day. Sometimes all we need to do is hug our children, tell them we love them, and send them outside to play. And we sometimes forget that cleaning the house can wait a little bit. Dinner can be late sometimes. Motherhood isn’t about perfection, it’s about loving on your children.

As I have said in a previous blog post, I am not the most patient person. And in becoming a mom I found out that my husband is more patient than I am. We all have our strengths and our weaknesses and all we can do is work on them.

I know that when I get home from work, if the house isn’t clean it upsets me. Because I just can’t stand to see toys all over the house. And sometimes it upsets me that my children can’t put away the things that they were just playing with. But in my mind I have to remember that they are children and sometimes I need to just let them be children. There comes a time when they do need to learn responsibility but it’s not something that I have to harp on them 24/7. So when my coworkers and I were discussing this, we all came to the conclusion that sometimes when we are feeling frustrated or angry we just need to hug our kids, tell them we love them, and tell them to go play outside.