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So sad

I live in Northwest Arkansas. It is listed as one of the 25 safest places to raise a family and one of the top 15 school districts in the US. So when some thing like a murder-suicide happen, it absolutely rocks this small community because you never hear about that.

Last Friday, in the small town of Gravette, which is just a town over from us, a father/husband held his two sons and wife hostage. He then killed them and himself before police arrived on scene.

The father Justin Barnes took the lives of his wife Inga and two sons Levi and Casey before turning the gun on himself.

I haven’t read about a motive yet but there has been talk that Inga had filed for divorce.

They have a daughter who survived as she wasn’t home during this time. And now she is left to morn the loss of her immediate family.

This is incredibly heart wrenching. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Sumer Barnes as she tries to deal with the loss of her family.

A Go-Fund me has been set up to help Sumer cover the expenses associated with this tragic loss. I’ll link it below.