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Edmund Kemper

Everyone has been learning more about Serial Killer Edmund Kemper because of the show MindHunters. He was a serial killer in Santa Cruz, California in the 60’s and 70’s. He was known as the CoEd Killer.

When he was younger he killed his grandparents. He was in Juvenile Hall but was somehow able to convince people he was changed and ok. So he was released. He then started killing female students at UCSC. He would then throw their bodies over cliffs off Highway 17. He also killed his mom and her best friend in his and his moms home. He then buried them in the garden. He also did disgusting things with their bodies because he was a necrophiliac. So gross.

Steve and I lived in Santa Cruz for quiet a few years. We watched a special on Edmund one night and they showed his home. The one where he killed his mom, her best friend, and some others and buried them in the garden.

And we were shocked to say the least. We lived down the street from this place. So we hopped in the car and drove by. And yup, there it was. New people living there.

I couldn’t believe we lived down the street to this home of terror. I wondered if the people living there knew what had happened.

If you don’t know about Edmund, look him up. He was diabolical. Very scary. He is serving 8 concurrent life sentences in a mental facility. He is helping the police profile serial killers and he also lends his voice to Audiobooks. Such as Flowers In the Attic. Bet you didn’t know that.

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The Hills

I was never a The Hills watcher the first time around. Because I couldn’t relate to them. They were fairly close to my age. But they were a bunch of rich kids living and partying in LA. That wasn’t my life. And all they did was gossip and make bad choices. They all seemed like spoiled, narcissistic kids.

So now it is been 9 years and The Hills is back. So I’m giving it a try. Only because I have come to like Spencer and Heidi Pratt.

They aren’t the disgusting people they portrayed on The Hills. They were always upfront and how they were kids coming into a ton of money and how they were stupid with it and lost it.

They moved away from LA for awhile. Spencer got his degree and they had a child. They are both very into crystals and Spencer has made an incredible career with his crystals. I’ve talked to him a few times on Social media, and he’s actually a very kind person. So I know that if I see anything bad from them on this reboot of The Hills, it’s just for the show. Because they are actually really good people.

One thing I understand about Heidi is her anxiety with Motherhood. You feel so connected and responsible for this little person, that you can’t imagine leaving them with anyone. Even their dad. You want to be with your child every moment of every day and it’s hard for you to step away from that. I completely understand that. But she needs to learn to find away to separate herself from that. Not to lose herself completely in motherhood and remember everyone else around her. She’s not just a mom, she’s a wife, sister, and friend. I hope she learns to fight through that anxiety.

So far this new season has been good. A lot of them have grown and changed and a few of them are moms. Like Heidi, Audrina, and Whitney. So I feel like I can relate a little more. I know to watch a show, you don’t have to relate to the characters, but in this regard, I do. I just don’t have the kind of money they all do. So I think I’ll give this a try. Let’s see how scripted this is compared to last time. Maybe I’ll have to watch the first four years so I can understand this one more.

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Role Models

With the way the world has become, there aren’t many people that you would be ok with your child idolizing. There aren’t many role models that I’m ok with anymore.

I don’t want my kids idolizing people like The Kardashians, most celebrities, or anyone on reality TV. Where are the wholesome respectable role models?

Growing up, my role model was Princess Diana. What an amazing woman. Kind, caring, and so beautiful. Her love of others was contagious. She was everything I wanted to be when I was older. Not a Princess. Just a kind person.

But who will my children idolize? Who will they look up to?

After reading about them and watching them grow up, become husbands and wives. Then become mom’s and dad’s, I think that Prince William, Duchess Kate, Prince Harry and Duchess Megan make great role models. Not because they are royalty, but because they are great people. They are kind, like Princess Diana. They are loving, and you see them out there doing anything that will tarnish the royal name.

I want my children to idolize good people. Not people who became famous for a leaked sex tape. Or because they live crazy lives in the public eye.

Times are changing. We need to spotlight the people doing good. And stop giving these train wrecks a platform.

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Not Your Grandma’s Avon

So I used to watch this show called America’s Next Top Model. It was one of my favorite shows for awhile. And the winner of the very first season was Adrienne Curry.

She then went on to a show called The Surreal Life where she met Christopher Knight from The Brady Bunch and went on to marry him and live the “Hollywood” life. Later on she realized that life was no longer for her. She wanted to make a change.

She is now remarried and living life in Montana. She sells Avon and does amazing live videos talking about her past life, how she’s changed, and her amazing current life out in the middle of nowhere. She’s living the life I wish I could.

I reached out to her to try Avon. Because I only knew it as my grandma’s Avon. And I thought, if Adrienne uses it, it must be completely different. And it is. It’s so affordable. And beautiful. So I’ve placed my first order. I cannot wait to show y’all what I got and how Avon is actually better now. You won’t believe the prices.

If you’d like to place an order, go here:

Tell her Shannon sent you.

Stay tuned….