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Arkansas Childrens Hospital

My daughter had her first appointment with urology at ACH yesterday. What a beautiful hospital. It is adorable. The design makes you smile. Not cringe knowing you’re in a hospital.

So at 3 months of age, we found out my oldest daughter has Vesicoureteral Reflux. This was found when she spiked an almost 104 fever that would not subside even with Tylenol. She started treatment with prophylactic antibiotics everyday. This lasted for 3 years. She had a VCUG test done once a year to see if she has outgrown it. A VCUG is when they stick a catheter in her bladder, fill and empty her bladder multiple times while taking x-rays of her. This shows them if urine is pushing back into the kidneys. This test was horrendous on her. My husband would stay with her in the room during it. I was not allowed to since I was still in my child bearing years. She would scream so loud. It was horrifying.

In 2012 she had her last VCUG. We moved away from that area and every pediatrician we went to since, didn’t feel it was necessary to have her rechecked. Not until I started working for a pediatrician and they finally listened. They referred her to Arkansas Children’s Hospital Urology Department.

We had her appointment yesterday. They did a rental ultrasound and found that her right kidney has hydronophorosis stage one. Which we already knew. Then we found out she has an anomaly. She has a duplex right kidney. Which is the kidney that has issues. Here is what that means:

Having this isn’t dangerous. It just makes more sense why she has VUR.

I thought the urologist was going to want to do surgery on her. But luckily, she wants to keep monitoring her. As long as she doesn’t have any UTI’s we are good till next year.

I’m just glad we were able to follow up on this. And that finally a doctor listened to my concerns. I finally feel relieved.