One thing I haven’t got used to here in Arkansas are the storms. The storms here are like no other. In California, you never saw storms like these. Hell, we barely saw rain. We were always in a drought.

Where we live is considered a part of Tornado Alley. However due to the Ozark mountains, as I have been told, it seems storms rarely develop tornados but if they do it’s usually EF-0 or EF-1 tornados.

We do get lots of thunderstorms, tornado watches, and tornado warnings though. And the most active time for this is April though August and then some time in the fall.

The weather here scares me sometimes. But it’s also exciting. Because we’ve never experienced this before. This year we’ve already had two tornado warning and I’ve had to take shelter twice while at work. So instead of my kids doing earthquake drills at school like back in California, they to tornado drills.

This weather does scare my children a lot. Take right now for instance. We are under a severe thunderstorm watch. And the loudest crack of thunder just happened about 10 minutes ago. They started screaming from their room so I had to go and get them. I put them in my husband and my bed with him. And I am currently laying on my kids bed. In the bottom bunk. Storms still freak them out.

I’ll post some video of some of the storms that happened here below. Do you live in an area that gets bad storms? Tell me about it in the comments below.